Typically, after your first initial appointment, your provider will determine a follow-up time frame they believe is right for your treatment plan.  Most of the time this occurs in 30-day intervals. In rare circumstances, a bi-weekly visit may occur. 

Your provider will typically schedule follow-ups with you directly during your existing appointment, and you have access to make changes to these through your client portal here: 


Once a treatment plan has been established, and your provider has determined that no further changes to medication levels or types are necessary, they may opt to use a refill only appointment.  These appointments do not require a video visit and only involve refilling of the prescription(s).  

Depending on the provider, and your treatment plan, your provider will still want to follow up with you periodically.  This may be in 3-6 month intervals, where a follow-up with a video meeting is required. This is determined solely by the provider and is dependent on the treatment plan, personal preference of the provider, and medications prescribed.  

Should you ever have any questions about your medications, upcoming appointments, or otherwise, you may log into your client portal shown above to chat directly with your provider, adjust appointments, and more.